Ashadi Hopper

With over fourteen years experience, Ashadi is recognised as one of Asia-Pacific’s most experienced and respected digital creatives. He has achieved a string of accolades including over 40 awards and has a number of prominent industry appointments to his name. A digital native, he believes that for agency's to stay relevant, they must embrace technology as a broader part of the creative discipline. To this end, Ashadi has guided a number of the world’s most iconic brands into the digital space, producing bold and innovative ideas for companies including Nestle, Unilever, Vodafone, Coca-Cola, Nike & SEGA.

As Executive Creative Director at Soap, Ashadi is using his advertising agency experience to expand the Soap brand, broadening the client engagements and portfolio of work. He curates a diverse team of talent that calls on the collective magic of designers, writers & technologists in the endless pursuit of the next big idea. 

In 2010, Ashadi was profiled by industry magazine AdNews for its annual 40 Under 40 Report and ranked by B&T Magazine as one of Australia's Top 10 Digital Creatives. In 2012, Ashadi was appointed to the Cyber jury of the Cannes Lions for a second time. 

Ashadi takes inspiration from Jim Henson, a storyteller who reinvented the art of puppetry, turning it into a brand for modern audiences.
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